DIY Pepper Spray – Great for Girls!

DIY: Pepper Spray

This is not my original idea but I want to share with you guys how I made mine.

You need:

A spray container. You can find them in any department store.

1 cup of water. If you’ll be using a bigger container you’ll need more.

Chillies. The hottest that you can find. They’re hot if they are not withered and if their color is bright. For this container I used 2 red chillies. You’ll need more if you’ll be using a bigger container.

Freshly ground black pepper. For an added twist.

Pan. This is where you’ll make your solution.

Stove. Need I say more?



Chopping board.



Time required: 5-7 minutes


1. Roughly chop the chillis. 
2. Pour 1 cup of water into the pan.
3. Dump the chopped chillies and freshly ground black pepper in the pan. Don’t forget to include the chillies’ seed; it’s where their hotness dwells.
4. Simmer in low heat for about 5 minutes. This is essential for this will help reduce the solution and help it get concentrated. Look at the picture, you’ll see how mine has reduced from a cup to a few MLs. Oh, don’t forget to cover your nose and eyes while doing this. 
5. Strain the solution into a cup. Let it cool for a minute.
6. Spoon the solution into your container and secure with the lid.

There you go girls! You already have your own pepper spray! Use it well


~ by reyeslovegood on 27/10/2012.

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