Environmental Awareness

3 years after Ondoy, how better prepared are we for flooding, and rescue operations? – Gregorio Larrazabal

So, it has been 3 years. I remember the Ondoy days – when we got stranded in our own home. No, we didn’t get flooded, but we can’t go out to buy food, or anything for that matter, cos doing so would mean swimming in a pool of filthy water.

How about those people who lost their loved ones due to landslide, or massive flood? Remember the Provident Village residents in Marikina? How they suffered? Who is to blame?

Maybe most of us would blame God, which is very predictable. Man always blame Him when trouble comes. But, what man doesn’t know is that, what goes around comes around! Just how many times we are taught to dispose of trash properly? How about planting trees instead of cutting them down?

The blame should be on us. Now, after a week of terrible raining, the sun shines again. Thank God! Would we wait for another Ondoy for us to change our ways? Mother Nature should have taught us more than enough lessons.


~ by reyeslovegood on 27/10/2012.

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