You know my name; not my story. You know what I’ve done; not what I’ve been through. Before I start dissecting this line from mister or miss anonymous, I know that this is a huge come back for me – I haven’t blogged for months, which is very much NOT me. 

Okay, so here we go. I have never forgotten my passion. Writing is my life, my soul, and my air. Without it, I’ll be useless. I’ve been very busy at work! Now, don’t think that I like what I do now better than writing because frankly I don’t… but I need money. Dad is still unemployed, doing part time interpreting jobs every now and then. Mom is still busy with her little eatery, which she sometimes chooses not to do, because she lost the passion for it.

I hate to be like this, I cry every night due to frustration of escaping this kind of life. I know, ever since I’ve started working in this company I have achieved so many. I suddenly became miss afford it all (not all things actually but you get the point right?) and I started experiencing the life that I have never experienced before.

The joys and the bragging rights of having an iPod 4th gen, wide screen Samsung touch latest phone, plus not to mention I already have my own TV. I also bought a DVD player, rice cooker, a new bed, oh I can’t mention them all. It’s a blessing, I admit. God, having saved us again from starvation, and I am VERY grateful.

But I can never deny the truth – that money can never buy happiness. I’ve studied, got impressive grades, established my own reputable image – done all of these things (and more) not because I want to be in the position that I am right now but because I want to climb my own pedestal to success.

It may take time, and effort, but nothing beats the feeling of FULFILLMENT. In spite of everything that I have, it’s the very thing that I desperately seek for.


~ by reyeslovegood on 27/10/2012.

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