Jamie Oliver – The Naked Chef

Contrary to popular belief, I love cooking. I may not be very good at it, but I enjoy doing it. And when it comes to cooking, no one would ever inspire me the way Jamie Oliver did!

Here I go again… me and my Jamie Oliver obsession! I can’t help it! He’s so cool! I’m always sending him tweets, hoping that he’ll tweet back! If he did, swear to God I’d die out of too much happiness (of course, I’m just being exaggerated.)

I love his advocacies. I’m always watching his tv programs, most especially Food Revolution. He is very persistent, or rather adamant, when it comes to his goals. Food Revolution aims to teach people how to cook for themselves and eat healthy. How I wish that it would be done here in the Philippines, even just once!

I see him as a very polite and selfless person. If you want to know more about Jamie, you may search for him online or better yet, watch his shows on TLC and AFC.


~ by reyeslovegood on 27/10/2012.

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