Random thoughts 31Aug2012

I often sit and cry my heart out whenever I think of the ‘what-if’s’ in my life. I suddenly realized that self pity would do me no good. Yes, it hurts to be stuck in the same position when I know I deserve so much more, but, everything happens for a reason. 

What I went through for the past 2 years made me stronger and more mature. I learned a lot, and it opened up my eyes to a world I haven’t seen before. It helped me shape my personality.

As I continue to live, it is only now that I can say that THIS IS ME AND I AM HAPPY TO BE ME. I used to be a nonchalant lass who just sits in a corner and pretends to disappear. Now, I became more confident and, I should say, smart. Thanks to the challenges that God has given me. 

As an anonymous writer once said – challenges are wonderful opportunities in disguise. I couldn’t agree more. I can’t wait to take the next steps in moving forward, for I know that my dreams are waiting to be fulfilled.#lovegood


~ by reyeslovegood on 27/10/2012.

2 Responses to “Random thoughts 31Aug2012”

  1. Cheers! Well said, friend. Well said.

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