To Grandpa, With Love

The afternoon of August 19, 2010 was very peaceful. I never thought that you’d say goodbye too soon. The fact that I wasn’t there when you did makes me feel aggravated. I never even had a good reason onto why I wasn’t there.

Sometimes, I regret working at a call center. It’s the night schedule which prevented me from hugging you for the last time. I’m very blessed to have a granpa who trusts me completely and believes in my potential. I’ll never forget the day when you introduced me to your friends and told them about all my achievements. This was never done by my parents.

Memories. What kind of memories of you do I have? Only good ones. It’ll probably take me a lifetime to elaborate each, but the greatest memory I have of you is when you opined (before closing your eyes) that you want me to graduate, and that you wouldn’t want my intelligence to go to waste. Even if I wasn’t there when you said that, it created a huge impact on my being.

I believe that’s enough reason for me to move forward and go on, despite of the numerous problems our family has. I currently don’t know how to start. I honestly have little hope left. Grandpa, please give me strength and guide me always. It’s the least thing that you can do for me for my upcoming birhtday. I really want to be the woman that you want me to be. I want to make my dreams a reality.

For you, I’ll regain strength; for you, I’ll carry on. I am quite sure that you’re with God now. Please tell Him I love Him and that I believe in His plans. I want to be successful someday. While I await that moment to come, I’ll continue praying.


~ by reyeslovegood on 27/10/2012.

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