Backstabbing 18Nov2012

I just can’t understand why there are some people who enjoys talking about you behind your back when as a matter of fact, you have God as your witness that you didn’t do anything to harm them.

They even have the guts to post ridiculous things about you on Facebook and yet they can’t confront you to tell you what’s wrong, neither can they look to you in the eyes whenever you are with them. These people kept on accusing you of things you really didn’t do; they don’t have any proof.

It seems that they would do anything to destroy you, including your relationship with your loved ones. If only I am as deranged as they are, I would’ve given them the dose of their own medicine… but I chose not to, cos I know my values. Yes, I admit I am getting pissed of by what they do to me, but it wouldn’t do me any good if I play their game. So most of the time I just laugh at how stupid and desperate they are.

I’m sorry but I can’t change who I am, nor take the blame for the things you accuse me of doing just to please you. I wouldn’t stoop down to your level. I may only have a few friends compared to others, but I am certain that they love me and they know the truth about me.

This post is written to inspire other people who gets bullied by people who just don’t know how to live their life rightfully. It’s not you, it’s them. Be yourself, be different, fight for what is right!!!


~ by reyeslovegood on 18/11/2012.

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