20 kids, 6 adults massacred in US school

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Let’s take a break from surfing the net and check the news. This is a shocking one. I’ve been watching crime channels and I thought the last school shootout I’ve seen was already the worst of them all – turned out it isn’t, but this one is!

Let us all pause even just for a short while and pray for the victims and their mourning families. May God bless them all.

Below is the link to the complete article. Credits to Inquirer.net



Justin Bieber mocks Manny Pacquiao on Instagram, draws ire of boxer’s fans

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Justin Bieber mocks Manny Pacquiao on Instagram, draws ire of boxer’s fans

I know I am a writer and that I should publish my opinion about this. Well all I can say is that I’ve been writing articles about respect and I think those articles pretty much project what I think about this.

By the way, there is a sequel to this featured article:


Pacquiao-Marquez 4

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My thoughts regarding the fight. We all know that I am a Filipina and I support Manny for that matter. He is down to earth, helpful, and loving. The Filipino people are very proud of him.

But, for every success, there is always the existence of failure. No one, even Manny, is an exception to this rule. He was a 10 time champion and had knocked out several opponents, then, he decided to pursue other things in his life… thus, he is not anymore 100% focused on boxing. I wouldn’t elaborate anymore.

I am not taking sides, nor against Marquez. They are both great, in their own unique way – and in that essence I both respect them. What I can say about what happened is that, maybe Manny is now destined for different things. Not more, just different.  I mean, think about it.

Once you’ve acc…

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Once you’ve accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you.


Tigers 26Nov2012

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Earlier today I watched Two Brothers on HBO. The movie is about two tigers who where separated as cubs and then reunited years later. [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two_Brothers] I don’t know if my Zodiac Sign has got something to do with it because I’m a Leo, but I love cats, so the movie really won my attention.


A hunter managed to kill their father, and found one of the cubs. The two became friends at once, and the hunter started to think twice about his profession. And because the hunter was caught by the authorities, the cub was left under the care of a greedy chief. One night, when the brother cub and their mom tried to save him, the village people went crazy and the two decided to try the next day. It was quite late when the two came back, cos cub #1 got sold to the circus people and was named Kumal. Later on, their mom got shot in the ear, this time by the Prince. The mother tiger escapted, leaving the poor cub #2 alone. Cub #2 was later found by the French Administrator’s son, Raoul, and he was named Sangha.

Sangha and Raoul’s dog brought chaos in the French Administrator’s house, and he was later kicked out by Raoul’s mom. He was then brought under the care of the Prince, (I find this very ironic) and was raced as a fierce tiger. Kumal, on the other hand, reunited with an old friend (the hunter) when the man visited the circus. The hunter knew Kumal is in good hands, or so he thought.

The prince organized a sort of festival to make the two brothers battle each other. At first they fought, but after a few minutes recognized each other, which turned the battleground into a playground, and the festival into a reunion. The two escaped, and the Prince didn’t like this. The hunter was sent after them (another irony). The hunter and Raoul loved the two, thus, they managed to let the two escape. The hunter gave up his rifle and vowed never to hunt again. In the end, Kumal and Sungha reunited with their mom in their old home.

I’ve learned three things upon watching this touching movie. First, the magic of love. Second, how we people mistreat animals. Third, the value of friendship. When Kumal and Sangha reunited, it wasn’t pleasant at first, cos they didn’t recognize each other right away. Love is really mysterious, cos it led them to realize that they shouldn’t fight. On the other hand, the way tigers are being hunted down – it’s so unfair. Instead of caging them, or treating them as an entertainment material, we should just let them be. Even my favorite Leo DiCaprio is campaigning to save tigers. [www.savetigersnow.org]

Lastly, I realized how enchanted friendship is. This is true in the case of Kumal and the hunter, as well as Sangha and Raoul. In the end, both were able to do things they never thought they could, in order to keep Kumal and Sangha safe. Their friendship was never measured by the number of words they used to communicate, nor the length of time they’ve been together, and yet, true friendship still prevailed.

If you haven’t seen the movie yet, please do. It’s a very nice one. I’ve already added it to my favorite movie list.


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Credits to I ❤ God on Facebook. Posting to inspire my *Christian readers 🙂 Good night!

Day (350) – Up at 4am

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Reblogging this wonderful post to inspire my readers. 🙂

The Better Man Project ™


Yes it’s 4am…and I’m dead awake.


Whatever path you are on right now…take a moment to consider. “What am I considering?” Everything.

There is no way to fully understand where you are traveling, if you don’t know the ground you are walking on. Keep the end goal in sight, but you also have to check in with yourself each and every day to ensure that you are living the words you preach. Love. Passion. Never Quit.

I was just woken up by one of the most significant dreams I have had in a long time…and in that dream, someone spoke to me. And now here I am, writing away. I am about to embark on something that is going to change my life…drastically. It is going to alter the course that I am on in a way that I cannot fully understand, and I have chosen this willingly…

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